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Wild Love 

Just as an intense summer holiday love affair which you  would forget. Based on Jasmine and Apricot

Anne Jensen Fragrance.

Grasse in France has since the year 1700 been the city for production of the worlds fineset fragrance.

When Anne Jensen decided to create her own fragrance line, it came natural to look  at Grasse in France. 

Plants and flowers such as Orange Blossom, Jasime, Lavender, Tuberrose, and Mimosa have been grown in Grasse atleast the past 300 years. Since the 1700 century the unique soil in the region provide the ideal climate for growing high quality of flowers used to manufacture   fragrance. There are no doubt that Grasse create the worlds finest fragrance. 


All notes in Anne Jensen fragrance are hand picked by Anne Jensen who have created the entire fragrance line herself. The mix of the base, heart and top notes is created with love to obtain the very best of fragrance 

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