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Discover the story about Anne Jensen


The company Anne Jensen was founded in 1997 by industry veteran Anne Jensen, designer and creator of the glass nail file shape c. 

Founded on the back of design and product development in the beauty industry with a commitment to reinventing luxury and quality design in personal care instruments, cosmetics, skincare and fragrances, Anne Jensen has carved out a niche as an innovative designer beauty brand of excellence and development.

The glass nail file was awarded the British Beauty Award 2000 and the Pure award.

The brand and its designs are recognized for its cutting edge design, quality, innovation and commitment to design and development especially of tweezers and that part of the brand is termed as state of art products. 

The Anne Jensen brand is built on class, quality and development, the product lines cover all corners of the cosmetics industry, beauty tools, fragrance, make up and skincare, where innovation and development is cutting edge.

Anne Jensen has for over 20 years designed and developed products based on new materials, ingredients and trends in cosmetic design and beauty tools for other companies, which has given these companies a unique position in the market both in the United States, Scandinavia, UK and France. 

Anne Jensen decided in 2019 after 22 years in the industry to create her own brand, Anne Jensen based on the streetstyle concept that the individual human being is unique. 

The concept of streetstyle is not new, but covers the broad concept that all people want to be individual and are therefore looking for products that suit their individual needs, that make them feel comfortable in their everyday life, but which can also spice up and give everyday life a little luxury.

Every design created in the Anne Jensen brand, regardless of product category, stems from the creative identity of the founder Anne Jensen. 
It is these unique designs that reflect Anne Jensen's personality, giving the brand an elegance and luxury that helps the brand stand out from the rest of the beauty industry, 

Anne Jensen's design product line is a wide range of products created for women and men of all ages who want to pamper themselves with some fantastic quality products that fit the trend of the time and the person's own self. 
Who care about themselves and want to create a good experience every time they want to pamper themselves with a little extra luxury. 

As Anne Jensen is a designer brand, it is every year invited to several design awards such as IF Design Awards, Sparks Awards Usa and Red Dot. 

The Anne Jensen brand is sold in the USA, Scandinavia, UK, France, Japan, Hong Kong by spas and salons


The mysterious of how an idea is transformed into a design. 

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