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This cosmetic water combines the properties of its active ingredients to awaken the natural

skin’s radiance. Enriched with organic orange living water, it provides dull tired complexions with a genuine radiance boost. Re-energized, the skin takes on new luminosity.


Organic orange

This plant water is obtained by distillation of organic oranges. It provides the skin

with all its richness a radiance boost effect.


Resulting from the combination of two humectant molecules of plant origin

(glucose and xylitol), this active ingredient ensures immediate and long lasting


Orange Tree.

Is originating in China and is also cultivated in the Mediterranean

basin. Essential oil is obtained by cold expression of sweet orange zests. It has

many properties: purifying, lightening and is an excellent tonic.

Skin type Normal to oil skin.

How to use.

Apply every night on a cleansed skin. A few drops are enough: 5 or 6 on the palm of hands, and apply from the center of the face to its outline, and on the neck.

Precaution for use: avoid eye contour.

The Diamond C Vitamin Serum also comes in mini edition.

Best Regards

The Editor

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