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This range is a smart cocktail of active ingredients that have complementary anti-ageing properties:
Argireline® with a botox-like effect on expression lines, a peptide that fights skin ageing, antioxidant vitamins and moisturizing and revitalizing active ingredients. An ideal synergy to reveal a youthful-looking skin. Biomimetic anti-ageing active ingredient is a peptide (L-Carnosine) found in the human body, which has the ability to boost the skin's natural defenses. It has remarkable antioxidant and anti-glycation properties.
This allows it to actively protect the skin from sun damage (IR, UV, visible light) (in vivo testing) and thus prevent photo-aging. It also protects against glycation (binding of sugar molecules to proteins) molecules to proteins) (in vitro test), which particularly affects elastin and and collagen in the skin, resulting in the skin's loss of elasticity and thus the appearance of signs of ageing.
Argireline Inspired by botox, this anti-ageing active ingredient is a peptide complex that targets expression lines by reducing the contraction of the muscles that cause them. This botox-like active ingredient has no downsides.

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