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The future of ocean derived beauty

Diamond Aqua Marine Serum and Diamond Soothing Serum some of the news

In the marine serum, there is spuriluna extract, but also hyaluronic acid and ginseng

Spirulina is a micro-algae from the Cyanophyceae family. Its richness in nutritive

substances such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements confers

anti-ageing properties fighting against the signs of time.

The hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin and acts

as a real sponge, enabling to attract and to hold a huge quantity of water. It thus

plays an essential role in the integrity of the cutaneous structure and in the regulation

of the skin hydration.

In formulations, the ingredient fights inflammaging, reshapes skin by activating the

synthesis of the extracellular matrix, and increases firmness and elasticity and by

stimulating the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis. User claims include the lifting of

wrinkles, increasing of skin firmness and reshaping of the face contour.

Key benefits of the ingredient include immediate and long-term moisturization, pigment

reduction and brightening, a reduction in redness, and enhancement of the skin barrier,

per the company.

In formulations, the ingredient purportedly enhances skin radiance, tone and texture,

supports skin cell renewal, strengthens cell metabolism, energizes skin cells, reinforces skin cell performance, and improves overall skin health and appearance.

Enjoy the new skincare

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