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New Cosmos Organic Ecocert collection

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Velvet Satin Organic Skincare

Say hi to Anne Jensen's new cosmos organic ecocert collection.

Velvet Satin Organic skincare collection

Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for more naturally produced products. Anne Jensen follows the trend and comes up with a super skincare range produced on the cosmos organic principle.

The range includes 3 products so far.

Velvet Satin Organic Eye Cream

Velvet satin Organic Day Cream

Velvet satin Organic Anti Age cream

If you like facial oils, Diamond Moonlight Facial Oil is just the thing for you.

Velvet satin Organic Eye Creame

This glittereyes cream, is formulated from a combination of active ingredients acting

together in the heart of the skin cells to reducing the early signs of time and preserving the

skin's youthfulness. A young and sublime look.

Sunflower oil is mainly composed of linoleic acid and vitamin E with emollient and

nourishing properties. This oil softens and boosts skin radiance to the skin.

From the family of liliaceae, aloe vera, or aloe, is a plant rich in polysaccharides,

vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. This powder is obtained by pressure of

the aloe vera sheet and then by cold freeze-drying, a process which preserves all

the properties of aloe vera. Known for its softening and nourishing properties, Aloe

vera is an ideal care for delicate skin.

Velvet Satin Organic Day Cream

This cream, with a light and melting texture, is a cocooning nourishing care ideal for delicateskin. Formulated to improve the skin comfort, it is an ideal gentle care for the skin regains all its softness.The Poppy, of the Papaveraceae family, is a flamboyant red flower known for its antioxidant and emollient properties. It is ideal to restore skin tone and radiance.

Velvet Satin Organic Anti-age Cream

Fountain of youth, this anti-ageing comfort cream combines nourishing and firming agents in a unique care. These active ingredients will help to fight against the signs of time leaving the skin supple and soft.Organic Gatuline®, extract of beech buds: the tree of eternal youth, is an active ingredients with anti-ageing and nourishing properties providing to the skin a

unique sweetness care. A real elixir of youth, the skin is nourished.

Diamond Moonlight Facial Oil

This oil contains 3 oils: rose hip oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil which act in secret on the skin throughout the night. Its fluid texture, quickly absorbed by the skin, leaves a delicate floral perfume, brought by vegetal oils.Sweet almond oil is an oil extracted from the almond tree fruit. It is known to be a sweet, very creamy oil rich in vitamins A, E and fatty acids.

We hope you will love our new Velvet Satin Organic range

Best regards

Anne Jensen

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