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About Skin Care

About skin care synergy

Skin care is one of the things that is written about the most, especially face skin care.

Is it important that your skin care routine includes products from the same brand.

yes indeed it is.

Most skin care brands' products are structured so that they fit together and work together in synergy to achieve the best result for the skin.

Especially when it comes to + 40 or mature skin, it is especially important that your skin care routine contains the best products. +40 also called anti-aging skin care is also the category of skin care that has been the most researched over the years, especially to crack the code to get smoother and more elastic skin.

Therefore, it is important that you use a brand that contains serum, day cream and night cream and also a firming mask that can help to improve your skin structure. The ingredients of the products are carefully coordinated with each other in each product and the main ingredient that provides a super effect is coordinated to provide the optimal effect for the skin.

How do you find the best products for your skin type?

Seek advice and guidance especially from a beautician, they are trained to help you and they love their job. but you can also get help from the various brands' skin care adviser.

here at Anne Jensen, you can always contact us and get help with the product that works best for your skin from our skin care series. however, it requires some information about your skin and perhaps also a picture of your skin, so we can advice you correctly.

We hope you enjoy our news corner

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